Are You a Self Published Author?

yvette-dislins-and-tom-hoar-2015How We Can Help.

In June 2019, we will be in England. Hence, I have decided to sell, self-published authors books on the market stalls across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. If you have subscribed to KDP IngramSpark for only $49, you can have your books distributed to certain stores or publish them yourself to sell them yourself or by me.


A Reminder.

Your Copyrights.

  • Print a copy of your manuscript.
  • Send it to your address doubly registered.
  • When you receive it, do not open it until you need it as proof of ownership.


How Can We Do That?

You begin by buying your paperback books from Amazon and send them over to me in the UK address is given to you privately in E-mail and after the contract Agreement.

Author copies are copies of your live paperback that can be purchased at printing cost.

They don’t include unpublished changes you’ve made on KDP.

Author copies are currently available in;

  • English.
  • French.
  • Spanish.
  • Italian.
  • Portuguese.
  • Dutch.
  • Japanese will be added later. 

KDP doesn’t currently support paperback distribution to;


If you are in living in Australia, you can buy your retail copies of your paperbacks through a Global Store option on However, they can’t ship proof copies to Australian addresses. So, if you do live in Australia, you can have them sent to the U.K.

Portuguese language users can place orders from

Dutch language users can place orders from

If your shipping address is in a territory that’s part of the Swiss Customs Union, you won’t be able to order author copies on KDP. You can, however, order retail copies of your paperback. 

When we have entered into an agreement, we will E-mail you an agreement contract Such as the one below

Buy and Sell Agreement

This agreement is made and entered into

on the              day of              Month , 20..


Seller                 Yvette Dislins

  1. Author orders their copies and directs it to Seller address.
  2. The Author will pay all their own delivery charges.
  3. The author will pay their own Taxes.
  4. The Author acknowledges that any damages incurred during delivery to the seller’s address are to be dealt straight with KDP Amazon.
  5. If Author books are damaged but you do not want to return them to Amazon, the Author and Seller can come to an agreement to sell them for a cheaper price.
  6. The seller sells them for the price quoted by the author.
  7. Seller returns Total – 20% Commission on a monthly basis or once the total copies are sold, depending which is the greatest.


Why 20% Commission?

  • Travelling costs
  • Market trader’s insurance.
  • Product liability insurance
  • Cost of Market Stall



Name of Copies

Number of Copies Selling Price Decided for each Copy


Total when 100 copies are sold


20% Commission on 100 copies


Reimbursed Total on Your 100 Copies Sold  


e.g. Maryland 100 (£43.50) 10 1000 200



How to Order Your Books?

The cost will vary on the number of pages your book has and which type of coloured ink you choose (black ink or colour ink).

The cost does not consider;

  • Trim size.
  • Bleed settings.
  • Cover finish.

Printing cost also depends on which Amazon marketplace (website) your paperback was ordered from. Based on the Print Options you choose, KDP automatically calculates and displays your printing cost in the Rights & Pricing section of title setup.


How To calculate your Paperback’s Printing Cost?


  • Fixed cost + (page count * per page cost) = printing cost

For example, here’s how we calculate the printing cost of a 300-page black ink paperback sold on the US marketplace:

$0.85 (fixed cost) + (300 (page count) * $0.012 (per page Cost)) = $4.45 (printing cost) 

To calculate the printing cost of your paperback, you can use their calculator: 

You can order author copies of books in “Live” status: 


How to Order Your Copies?


  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Go to your Bookshelf and find your paperback book.
  3. Click Order Author Copies link in the ellipsis (“…”) menu.
  4. Enter the order quantity and choose the Amazon marketplace closest to your shipping destination.
  5. After you select the marketplace, the cost will be displayed. This cost is calculated in the currency of the selected marketplace. It doesn’t include shipping and applicable taxes.
  6. Maximum order is 999 (if you want to order more, do another purchase).
  7. Sometimes you can have issues ordering copies because of your browser. Try clearing your cache and deleting your cookies. The steps for doing this different for every web browser. Please check your browser’s help files for more information.
  8. Author copies are eligible for all paid standard and expedited shipping options available to Amazon customers (excluding Prime).
  9. Their manufacturing and delivery estimates are based on the quantity ordered and selected delivery speed.
  10. The most up-to-date delivery estimate will display during checkout. 
  11. Click Proceed to checkout. You’ll be redirected to the Amazon cart/basket of your chosen marketplace to complete your order.
  12. If your added items don’t show in your cart/basket while signed in to your account then sign out and sign back in.

What Happens Next?

 Once all that is done and the books are delivered to me, this is when I hire a market stall and sell your books for 20% commission and return you the difference on a monthly basis or once the books are sold.



Get in touch at

My FaceBook page

My FaceBook Group Do You Want to Sell Your Published books?

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